Ucluelet, British Columbia

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Wild Pacific Trail

Lighthouse Loop

Offering a breathtaking coastal adventure, winding through lush rainforest and rugged shoreline. This picturesque trail leads hikers to the iconic Amphitrite Lighthouse, where panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and dramatic cliffs await.


Ucluelet Aquarium

Interactive aquarium

Canada’s first collect-and-release aquarium with a colourful representation of local aquatic life. Test your courage with interactive touch tanks.

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Pacific Rim National Park

Rainforest Loop

An immersive journey through lush, ancient temperate rainforests. As hikers navigate this enchanting loop, they encounter vibrant moss-covered landscapes with towering cedar and hemlock trees.


Jamie’s Whaling Station

Whale watching

Trips will tour the waters of Barkley Sound where we most often view Grey & Humpback Whales and Orcas (Killer Whales) throughout the year. In addition, we often enjoy views of sea lions, eagles, sea otters and other amazing wildlife while on the water.

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Pacific Rim National Park

Long Beach

The longest beach on Vancouver Island, stretching for over 16kms (10mi). In addition to a storied surf history, the massive amount of driftwood bordering old growth forest adds to the mystical vibe here.

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West Coast Wild

Floatplane tour

Low level flightseeing along a rugged shorelines and islands that only the mighty Pacific could carve. Our Flightseeing tours truly are an experience in “Eagle Vision.”

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Paddle West Kayaking

Ocean kayaking

Heading out of the harbour you will get to explore kelp forests and rugged shorelines teeming with intertidal life. Nose into the open ocean to experience the rugged coastal scenery that sea kayakers dream about!


Pacific Rim Fishing Charter

Fishing charter

Providing world famous Salmon and Halibut fishing adventures since 1981. What can we say, we love to catch fish. Ask us about cleaning, processing, freezing and transport options.


Jamie’s Whaling Station

Hot Springs Cove

Leave Tofino as you journey through the inlet waters or open ocean of Clayoquot Sound on your way to the mystical Hot Springs Cove where you will relax in the natural thermal pools surrounded by the towering rainforest.

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Manke Kayak

Manke at the wreckage

A kayak museum style space of inspiration. Within this heritage space is historic skin on frame qajaq and paddle builds with a community presentation lounge where visitors can learn more about kayaking.

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Where to dine

Intimate West Coast


West Coast


Craft Brewery

Ucluelet Brewing

Canadian Pizza

Shipwreck Pizza


West Coast Bistro

The Break Cafe



Yayu Cafe





Sake Sushi

Fish & Chips


Mexican BBQ

Salty Buns


Burgers & Ribs


Burgers & Ribs


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